Santorini Products: fava, tomato, wine , caper, eggplant, chloro cheese...

Tomato Paste Proccess

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Katsouni is the name for Santorini’s cucumber. Smaller and with quite refreshing taste it is Read more


Peanuts had been off Santorini’s products list until 2006 when YannisNomikos re organized its production. Read more

“Kardamides” Green Herbs

Kardamides are green herbs found mostly at the end of spring and they are served Read more


Stuffed baby tomatoes

Type of recipe: Traditional Ingredients 20 baby tomatoes / 250gr rice / Half bunch dill/ Read more

Cherry tomato sweet

Type of Recipe: Traditional (desert) Ingredients 1 kilo Santorini cherry tomato / 1 kilo sugar Read more


Type of recipe: Traditional (desert) Ingredients 1 kilo of unsalted manouri cheese (semi-soft fresh white Read more

Santorini Wines

The particular volcanic soil of Santorini in combination with the weather conditions of the island offer wines that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The aromatic grapes of Santorini are giving the exquisite Vinsanto, where several varieties of white wine and newly produced red wines of great potential are making some of the strongest wines you ever tasted.

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