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2013 is dedicated to the gastronomy of Santorini. The entire island of Santorini celebrates the local cuisine, the unique products, the traditional recipes and the island’s culinary history, which is unique as its beauty.

Visitors of the island, as part of the Year of Gastronomy, will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy all aspects of the culinary Santorini through events and special dishes prepared by the restaurant businesses on the island participating in the celebration of the Year of Gastronomy.

Throughout the year events such as exhibitions, seminars, cultural events will take place throughout the island of Santorini as main aim to discover even better aspects and history of gastronomy in an island territory that grows uniquely delicious products. For more information and details of events visit the site:

Also, the island’s restaurants have prepared special menus and dishes that draw their inspiration from the products and traditional recipes of the island. With special three-course menus exclusively dedicated to the Year of Gastronomy and with many suggestions made with local products you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavours of the island.


The cherry tomato of Santorini is one of the most famous products of the island. The distinctive flavor it is given by the volcanic soil of Santorini and the fact that it grows without water, only on the humidity that imprison in the roots.

Small size, but with a strong flavor and red color, cherry tomato of Santorini gives a range of products that you definitely have to taste while in the island or take with you. Apart from fresh, the cherry tomato could be found as a paste of single, double and triple concentration, canned whole pieces and as a sweet.

The first reference to the cultivation of tomato is dating back to 1875 on the slopes of the Prophet Ilias and reaches its peak in 1919. Because of the October Revolution the exports of vinsanto in Russia stopped and Santorinians found in the cultivation of cherry tomato a new product. From 1925 to 1956 opened in Santorini about fourteen tomato factories, but the earthquake that devastated the island, lowered and cultivation of tomato.

Today the only tomato factory that is open since 1952 is the Union of Santorini Cooperatives in Monolithos. Here the whole tomato production of the island is concentrated and becomes paste and canned.

The tomato is planted each year in late February and harvested in July and August. The producers give their production to the factory in Monolithos and get back only their own seeds.

The cherry tomato of Santorini has great nutritional value but also a special flavor not found in other varieties of tomato in the world. Look for Santorini salads at the island’s restaurants, the central market of Fira, in stores with products and the Union of Santorini Cooperatives.