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Grape varieties

Santorini grapes grow in traditional circular “coils” to be protected from the winds. Main wine varieties are Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani (white wines) and Mandilaria and Mavrotragano (red wines).

The 80% of the wine production belongs to the variety of Assyrtiko. All Santorini wines have intense aromas, vivid colors and high alcoholic degrees. The wines of Santorini with a… verification is the Assyrtiko, the Nyhteri and the Vinsanto wines.

Assyrtiko is perhaps the most representative wine of Santorini. Although like variety found elsewhere because of its durability, in Santorini has a unique expression. All the power of the volcanic land with its unique characteristics, flavor and color make Assyrtiko a must-try.

Nychteri is the traditional white Santorini wine that got its name because the pressing process becomes only at night and also gives a strong wine to be enjoyed.

Vinsanto is the famous sweet wine of Santorini made with grapes dried under the sun for 10 to 15 days. Vinsanto aged for at least two years in oak barrels. Unique color and aromas of raisin, fig, honey, nuts give the vinsanto a unique intensity and flavor.

Other varieties:

Athiri is a variety that came to Santorini from Crete and is mainly used to mix with Assyrtiko.

Aidani is also used in combination with Assyrtiko to give the particular flavors and colors of Vinsanto.

Mantilaria is the most common variety that gives red wines and thrives through Santorini giving this special red wine.

Mavrotragano is also a variety that gives red wines and grows in recent years in Santorini.

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