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Type of Wines


The most famous wine of Santorini is the wine Vinsanto. With deep color and sweet flavor the vinsanto wine had made Santorini famous in the world long before tourism. It took its name from the Italian vino di Santorini (Vin-santo) or because of the use of vinsanto to the Divine Liturgy, called vino santo meaning the holy wine.

The grapes that give us the vinsanto are gathered from early to mid September and exposed to the sun for 10 to 15 days. For vinsanto the 51% of the grapes used belong to the Assyrtiko variety, while the rest can be aidani or athiri or other wine grown in Santorini.

The vinsanto produced in Santorini since ancient times and is one of the few products of the island that kept almost the same production process.

Vinsanto ages for at least 24 months in oak barrels, while the … verification is given only to the white vinsanto made with 51% Assyrtiko and is complemented by aidani, athiri and other varieties grown exclusively in Santorini or Thirasia.

Vinsanto can be enjoyed as an aperitif and a delicious accompaniment to cheeses and fruits. The ideal temperature to enjoy vinsanto and to unfold its unique taste is the 10 C.


Assyrtiko is perhaps the most representative wine of Santorini that encloses all the power of the volcanic land with unique characteristics, flavor and color in a wine.
Shiny and yellowish, is the perfect company for Greek and European Cuisine based on fish and sea food.


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