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Chloro cheese

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Chloro Cheese - Santorini

The only variety of cheese produced on the island. In the shops you will find it in the hard and soft version. A delicious, rich, creamy goat cheese; it is either eaten alone or grated in salads and various dishes. The production of Chloro cheese is limited but you can taste it in many restaurants that are collaborating with local suppliers.

White Eggplant - Santorini
White Eggplant - Santorini

The only eggplant with white color.It has less seeds than other eggplant varieties and absorbs less oil when fried. Santorini’s white eggplant is sweeter than the ordinary eggplant. It is used in many kind of dishes or for the traditional moussakas at various restaurants. Best way to try is with white eggplant paste (melitzanosalata).