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Probably the most famous product of Santorini.Santorini’s cherry tomato is the epitome of the products that are growing in the volcanic soil of Santorini. Small like cherry, with hard skin but rich ‘explosive’ content is the key ingredient in salads. You can feel its real power if you taste it fresh but Santorini cherry tomatoes give amazing paste and sweet preserves.

Fava Santorini
Fava Santorini
Fava Santorini

Fava beans of Santorini is one of a kind product, as the particular variety is growing only in Santorini. According to the excavations in Akrotiri the santorinian fava is cultivated in the island since 3.500 years ago. It’s taste gives a delicious perfect starter but also a fine side for any kind of dish. The unique fava of Santorini is known for its full flavor. It would certainly be a miss not to try it or take with you some of the ultimate taste of Santorini. Fava can be served with many dishes caper and onions being the most usual but also octopus, pork, cuttlefish and is called married.


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Santorini Caper

The Santorinians say that “caper is the plant of ants” because ants carry caper seeds all over the island. Caper is perfect for accompanying fava, salads and any kind of food. It has a particular strong taste and gives an extra taste in any kind of dish to which it is added. Caper buds and caper leaves are also used in salads and different recipes.